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    Friendship and Companion Finder.

    Welcome to Over 50’s Hub where you can register FREE and make new friends. This site is designed for both men and women to make new friends and companions throughout the world. Registration is completely free and you can message and view profiles of other like-minded members. Why not give it a go and create your account today?

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    Optimism returns to UK mortgage and remortgage market

    Optimism returns to UK mortgage and remortgage market Lenders are replenishing their mortgage products, rates are becom ing more competitive, and remortgage instructions are increasing. How will this affect the UK housing market? Thousands more homeowners, buyers and investors across the UK…

  • Nature

    Can Foxes Climb on your Roof ?

    They are also perfectly at home on rooftops…… Climbing Foxes Foxes are sometimes regarded as a cross between a cat and a dog. Obviously dog-like in much of their appearance and behaviour, their call is something of a cross between…

  • Health and wellbeing


    The FEAR of the Coronavirus is deadlier than the virus itself. You see, when you are in fear, a reactive part of your brain called the amygdala takes control of your actions. You enter into a fight-flight-freeze response.

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    Favourite Foods

    Advantages and Health Benefits of Homemade Food It is not always easy to prepare all your meals at home due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I know that most people would love to cook at home but…

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    Must Look Fashionable!

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    Start Day Positive

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    Summer Approaching

    The time we’ve all been waiting for is quickly approaching. Soon it’ll be time to hang up those long sleeved shirts and jumpers and put on our for sleeveless shirts, shorts or light dresses and skirts – until next year…